Universities Denmark has entered into a new collaboration with BECH-BRUUN

Universities Denmark has entered into a new collaboration on EU State Aid rules regarding research, development and innovation.

Universities Denmark has started a project that is looking into the EU State Aid Rules concerning research, development and innovation. The project seeks to clarify how the European State Aid Framework on Research & Development & Innovation translates into practice when Danish universities and hospitals are involved in university-industry collaboration, spin-outs and student entrepreneurship and technology transfer. The objective is to eliminate any misunderstandings or uncertainties about European as well as national legislation, helping public research institutions to intensify their efforts to support knowledge exchange, innovation and research collaboration.

To meet this objective, Universities Denmark has established at collaboration with the Danish law firm Bech-Bruun (lead partner, Michael Honoré) to identify opportunities and possible pitfalls in working with private organisations within Danish and European legislation. The collaboration will result in a publication with practical guidance intended for the Danish universities and hospitals as well as recommendations to areas where an amendment of Danish and/or European legislation might be considered.